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If you suffer from overactive bladder you now have two new optionsBotox injectionsyesthe wrinkle-shrinking drugand an over-the-counter version of the Oxytrol patchwhich used to require a prescriptionThe Food and Drug Administration approved both recentlyBut our medical advisors recommend caution before trying either medication.

OABcharacterized by symptoms of urgencyfrequencyand incontinence with no obvious causeoccurs mainly in older women.1 Behavioral modificationincluding fluid schedulestimed voidingpelvic exercisesand urge suppressionis usually tried first.

Bladder or urinary medications such as darifenacin enablexflavoxate urispasoxybutynin ditropanoxytroltolterodine detrolor solifenacin vesicare

The way to take this medicineTopical Store below 25 degrees Celsius Do not Freeze Do not Refrigerate Protect from Moisture Lifetime is 3 Years.

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