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Micardis is a member of a family of drugs called angiotensin receptor blockers arbs , which includes losartan cozaar , valsartan diovan , irbesartan avapro , and candesartan atacand .

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High blood pssu can b tatd and contolld with mdicins such as AVAPO HCT. You doctmay alshav commndd that you adjust you listyl thlp tlow you high blood pssu (losing wight, avoiding smoking, ducing alcohol consumption and sticting th amount salt in th dit). You doctmay alshav ncouagd th pactic gula, mild (not stnuous) xcis such as walking, swimming, tc.

AVAPO HCT hlps tcontol you high blood pssu, but dos not cu it. ThAVAPO HCT must b takn vy day. Continu taking AVAPO HCT until you docttlls you tstop.

Coadministation Avapwith oth dugs that ais sum potassium lvls may sult in hypkalmia, somtims sv. Monitsum potassium in such patints.

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